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Tellya out

Tellya Out is nontoxic residual free, eco friendly and 100% organic product.

How it works:-

Tellya is a bacterial disease scientifically called as xanthomonasaxonopodis. Bacteria of this disease have protein layer over it in the form of cell membranes. And this layer is very hard.Due to hard cover of protein on the bacteria, it does not respond to any type of pesticide. But TellyaOut starts working immediately by going into stems, leaves and other part of plant. Tellya Out melts the protein layer over the bacteria and destroys it. Such bacteria without protein layer cannot survive for longer time and it dies immediately. But spray of Tellya Out is necessary to cover all parts of the plant.

Recommended Dose:-

Mix 2 to 3 ml TellyaOut in 1 liter water and then spray


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