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Proteins are called building blocks of our body. Our body is made of proteins .To maintain its function we need proteins in everyday diet. Unfortunately our Indian diet is not well enriched in proteins and therefore in spite of eating properly, most of us cannot fulfil the daily need of body’s protein. 24 Carat Organic pvt ltd.have introduced a revolutionary dietary premium health supplement PROTIFY which fulfils not only the protein requirement but also most of the vitamins and minerals required by body. It has been developed to suit children as well as adults. Its daily intake will boost your health in such a way that you will never feel tired and keep the diseases away.
Ingredients: Soya protein isolate,skimmed milk powder, whey protein, Ashwagandha, DHA,Omega 3, Malt, and permitted additives.


  • 1.    Protify provides you most of the required amino acids, which helps in building muscles. It is ideal for people expecting weight gain.
  • 2.    It is best growth supplement for growing children. Children who do not eat proper diet should be given Protify with milk which will take care of their complete nutrition requirement.
  • 3.    For people who have undergone surgeries and having wounds, it helps in faster healing.
  • 4.    It provides adequate proteins and minerals without burdening the body with additional fats, so helpful for obese people having blood pressure and heart disease.
  • 5.    Very good supplement for nursing women. It helps in replenishing milk.
  • 6.   Prevents osteoporosis and menopause symptoms in women after fifty years of age.
  • 7.    It is good supplement for growing girls who have low haemoglobin.
  • 8.   It helps in maintaining vitality and power in both men and women and helps in preventing nutritional infertility.
  • 9.    It helps in restoring body’s muscles and weight loss occurred due to long standing disease like diabetes or TB.

Recommended Doses:

10-15 Gms in Children.
20-30 Gms in Adults.
Best results when taken along with milk every day.

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