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24 Carat Animal & Husbandary

These days healthy food is not available for farmers for their milking animals. This is affecting their health severely. This results in decreased quantity of daily milk yield and low percentage of fats in milk. It is very necessary to provide some nutritional supplements along with healthy food to milking animals.
But most of the farmers are not able to fulfill this basic requirement. By taking all these point into consideration 24 Carat Organic Pvt Ltd. Have brought the product named as “Milk Grow” Which is enriched with healthy and nutritious food supplement which is specially designed for milking animals.

Advantages of Milk Grow

  • 1.    It incredibly increases daily quantity of milk and percentage of fat in milk.
  • 2.    Daily use of MilkGrow improves the immunity power of milking animals.
  • 3.    MilkGrow decreases the infertility period of animals.
  • 4.    Increases digestion power of animals which ultimately results in increased quantity of daily milk and fat percentage.

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