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Green revolution started in India post-independence. To enhance the crop yield farmers started excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides. Farmers are being unaware about the scientific dosages and usage of these chemical products and started to use them without proper stages of crops. It ultimately resulted in turning soil alkaline with excess salt deposits. The yield started going down and the salts depleted the productivity of the soil to large extent. Our team surveyed farmers of different states and the outcomes were very alarming. We found out that year on year farmers are continuously losing on their agricultural income.
To overcome this grave situation, we at 24 Carat Group of Companies foundation have started an ‘Organic farming Movement’ across the nation since 2016. Our motto is to Save the agricultural land through Organic farming’ .

The long term objectives of this movement are as follows:

  1. To impart complete knowledge about organic farming to our farmers.
  2. To show on field demonstration of organic farming to our farmers.
  3. To provide the organic fertilizers, insecticides and growth promoters to farmers at most affordable prices.
  4. To conduct area wise study programs for farmers at places near to them.
  5. To keep the farmers abreast about the latest research happening in organic farming.
  6. To help the farmers in finding urban customers and ultimately a better price for their organic products by finding right markets for them.
  7. To take soil samples from the fields and get it analysed to suggest right kind of organic fertilisers suitable for the different crops and their soil type.

Our aim is to reduce the cost of farming by means of organic farming techniques and enhance the productivity. The organic products harvested by these methods will definitely be sold at premium rates providing financial strength to our farmers. Hence increase farmers income

24 carat is committed to ‘Pollution free India and poison free food for Indians’. To save further deterioration of our agricultural lands, to save our farmers and save our future generations from ill effects of chemical fertilizers. Organic farming is the way to go ahead !

  • Vision

    24 carat of group of companies started with a focus to work in organic farming & production, to improve farmer income level since 2016. Our company offers wide range of farmer centric services and products like organic fertilizers, soil testing solution, Herbal plantation & processing, Cattle feed.

  • Mission

    Since its inception the vision and mission of the founders was built around certain core values which is being reliable and stable and example of trustworthy organization.

What we’re doing


Plantation in acre

24 carat Cultivated 60 lakh Herbal plants in 600 Acre by 480 farmer.Since 2018 By company around 200 Acre harvested as contract farming

Organic & Health Production sales turnover

With 2,00,000 satisfy customers company made Rs 3.5CR sales in organic and bio fertilizer since 2016.With 70000 Healthy Customers 24 Carat doing Rs 1.5CR Sales in herbal and Nutrition Product since 2017.