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A women health requires various nutrients throughout her life. in fact , women need greater amount of certain nutrients than men for fulfilling various role in life. condition like pregnancy, lactation and menopause are time of increased nutritional demand. The deficiency of required nutrients can lead to health complications.24 carat brings to you the best line of products for women’s health, dealing with condition ranging from pregnancy and lactation to menopause. Because we know that she deserves nothing less that best.

Femisure an effective galactogogue which stimulate the natural process of lactation, allows smooth flow of milk and promotes breast feeding. Helps boost prolactin levels(as it exerts anti-oxytocic effects due to release of phyto-estrogens). Nourishes the mother as well as the foetus. Nutritional tonic .

Composition: femisure contains –shatavari (Asparagus racemosus 60% in the form of granules.

Dosage- 1=2 tablespoonful twice a day mixed with milk .

Properties :

It acts as ‘balya’ for entire body especially on eyes, muscles, reproductive organs and tissues. It increases milk secretion and helps to regain vigour and vitality.


It is very useful to increase milk secretion when used regularly for delivery. It is also indicated as tonic for weak, debilitated, anemic and convalescent person to regain strength. Shatavari kalpa is in form flavoured granules to be taken with milk. It is recommended for regular use for entire family.

To improve lactation, general debility. General body tonic in both sexes & children

Best tonic for mother & child ,Also good quality of nutrition for all age group.

Therapeutic action: Galactagogue and General tonic .


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