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Dibo Fit

Maintaining good health is becoming increasingly challenging at this time where life has become very fast. Due to all the comforts of modern times, life has become very sedentary and a new threat has started giving rise to all the lifestyle diseases. Diabetes is one of those diseases which is currently found in every single house. The number of patients of Diabetes has increased so much that India is called as Diabetic Capital of the World. Diabetes is one such disease which affects every organ of the body and acts like a slow poison. To tackle the effects of Diabetes, 24 Carat Organic Pvt. Ltd. has brought ‘Dibo Fit’ in the market which is an outcome of research of several years.

Look at the ways it helps your body

  • 1.    It improves assimilation of food thereby prevents excessive fat deposition in the body.
  • 2.    It prevents excessive hunger which is one of the prime symptoms of Diabetes.
  • 3.    It works on urinary system to prevent excessive urination and strengthening the kidneys.
  • 4.    It improves glucose metabolism and reduces the blood sugar by safe and effective manner.
  • 5.    It acts on cholesterol in the blood thereby strengthening the heart functions.
  • 6.   It helps in improving liver enzyme secretions so that food is properly digested and made available to the body in adequate manner.
  • 7.    By improving the circulation, it helps in maintaining good libido.
  • 8.   It is not only useful in controlling Diabetes, but also useful to prevent it.
  • 9.    Very useful for the people who have family history of diabetes.

Recommended Doses:

  • 1.    Take 10-15 Ml (2 table spoons) with water early in the morning.


  • 1.    Do not discontinue anti diabetic tablets or insulin suddenly.
  • 2.   Take light meals after every 4-6 hours.
  • 3.    3. Walk every day 3-4 Kms.

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