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Aqua Marsh

Our company proffers aqua marsh RO system. That has been precision engineered by our highly skilled technicians. These products are not only of premium quality, but also are of high performance.

Reverse Osmosis Removes Natural Minerals

Reverse osmosis water is typically acidic and virtually mineral free. While ionized water is high in PH and rich in alkalizing minerals. The negative impact of more acid in the body is obvious and R/O does not help with this delicate alkaline balance.

Furthermore, some health experts feel that mineral free water can be harmful and actually lead to demineralization of the body or force it to function as a mineral deficit. Demineralized water is pure water, that means it has been purified form everything including its healthy minerals. Pure water molecules absorb healthy minerals from bones and can attach to anything the contact and flush them from your body. The flushing of beneficial alkaline minerals is detrimental to the alkaline Balance add to his concept that your body needs a source of available alkaline minerals to help balance. Its PH water from nature contains these minerals.

The concept then follows if we drink pure water (devoid of minerals) we are likely to force our body to rob them from other places like the bones, teeth, cardiac system.
In addition to removing most contaminants reverse osmosis removes all the naturally occurring minerals from the water.

The Solution to Healthy Clean Drinking Water

If you have an RO you will need to do one of the following:

  • 1.    Bypass the system (If the source water meets the above water quality criteria)
  • 2.    Install a remineralization, antioxidant alkaline, cartridge after the Reverse osmosis system.

Use - Aqua Marsh is wisely connected to a water supply, and the water purification is carried out using filtration exchange and reverse osmosis.

Where to Use:

Aqua Marsh can be used in Home, Office And school.


  • 1.    High purifying capacity of Flimtech dow membrane which 12 liter per hour.
  • 2.    Purify impure water to sweet pure drinking water.
  • 3.    Fully automatic with auto start and auto off.
  • 4.    Removes actives and inactives bacteria and viruses.
  • 3.    Water available on demand, even in absence of electricity.
  • 4.    Low cost of maintenance and Consumables.

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