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24 Carat Neem Cake

Neem Seed Fertilizer
Fertilizer, Nutrification
Inhibitor Pest Repellent

Organic amendments for use in Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture and Turf Management. Neem Cake is a Natural Organic Fertilizer approved for use in Organic systems by Organic Farmers and Growers(UK) and USA & Eco Cert. It has shown tremendous potential as a fertilizer and is widely used for sustainable agriculture as well as horticulture application. When ploughed into or mixed with the soil, NEEM CAKE acts naturally as abroad spectrum defence mechanism which works against a wide variety of phytonematodes and soil borne insect-pest, thereby improving root development and in turn, plant growth and yield.


  • It helps to increase the uptake of nutrients by the plant and improves yield as the nutrients are released into the soil uniformly and over a long period of time unlike ith case of conventional fertilizers.
  • Studies conducted by the Indian Institute of the Horticultural Research, Bangalore have shown that an application of Neem Seed fertilizer on nursery beds can reduce Root-knot and Reniform Nematodes by more than 80%, thus resulting in healthy and vigorous seedling/sampling. In protecting young plants from insect-pest, NEEM CAKE allow them to grow sufficiently and build their natural defences and augments them with its nutritional and pest repellent properties.
  • NEEM CAKE is safe for earthworm and in fact , an increase of more that 20% in their population has been reported


  • Working NEEM CAKE into the soil by ploughing and mixing with the soil gives better results than surface application. Apply with any standard fertilizer spread and incorporate top 10-15 of soil.
  • NEEM CAKE USED can be used its self or can be combined with chemical fertilizers or organic manures such as farm yard manure, poultry, manures, compost, press mud etc. Through we recommended mixing at least 25-50% of NEEM CAKE, even as little as 10% shows excellent results. The quantity of chemical fertilizers can gradually be reduced.
  • It can also be combined with potting compost for better result.


  • 200-300kg Per Acre

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