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24 Carat Greenor Stim

24 Carat Stim is fruit quality enhancer. It is a unique combination of high-powered nutrients, bio-enzymes, (Actigens) vitamins and energizers to give fruits the required superiority in quality to compete in the international markets. It optimises size, shape, colour, flavour, texture and shine of fruits. Most importantly it increases yield and post-harvest keeping quality of the fruits. Its’s special catalyst formulation produces tastier, more colorful fruit by increasing plant antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Use with both fruits and vegetables. Increases plant acid content which permits an earlier harvest and helps assure longer shelf life and more flavor


  • 1.    Increased Fruit Size
  • 2.    Improved fruit set and reduced fruit drop
  • 3.    Increased fruit weight and yield
  • 4.    Higher sugar (Brix) content.
  • 5.    WEnhanced colour, texture and shine of fruits
  • 6.   Uniformity in shape, size, and fruit quality
  • 7.    IEnhanced taste in fruits with a stronger fragrance
  • 8.    2Increased shelf life to assist in export transportation


  • Dilution 500ml /Acre or 200 Ltrs of water. For vegetable crops use 250 ml/200 Litres of water.

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