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24 Carat Greenor Super

Greenor Super is a natural bio-stimulant, specially designed for foliar application. It contains amino acids and low molecular weight Bio Stimulants that act synergistically to catalyze growth processes and to support the metabolism of the plant. Greenor Super helps the plant to overcome adverse environmental conditions. The leaves absorb Greenor Super quickly and efficiently without scorching. All the components of Greenor Super are 100% natural, so they easily integrate with the plant’s metabolism.

Mode of Action: Greenor Super promotes plant growth in three principal ways: Plants use Amino Acids and Bio stimulants from Greenor Super as building blocks for the synthesis of enzymes and other essential nutrients. Certain ingredients in Greenor Super directly activate enzymatic reactions in the plants. Greenor Super has chelating activity enhancing the uptake of the nutrient naturally present into the soil or supplied with fertilizers.

Advantages of Greenor Super

  • 1.    Optimal combination of components with bio-stimulating activity
  • 2.   Free of toxic elements
  • 3.   Compatible and suitable for tank mixing with a wide range of foliar preparations
  • 4.    Initiates cell division of the plant.
  • 5.    Enhances photosynthesis activity.
  • 6.    Helps in maintaining normal colour of flowers and fruits.
  • 7.    Increases crop yield and improves crop quality.


  • Dilute 10 ml in 200 Ltrs. of water.

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