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24 Carat Greenor FungiAll

Fungi All is a unique combination of seaweed extract, soy extract and herbal extracts. The main function of Fungi All is to provide adequate nutrition to plants for their healthy development. Seaweed, soy and herbal extracts have many nutrients that make a complete nutrition package for the plants. When all nutrients are available in the right proportions the plants can perform their physiological functions to the optimum level. By maintaining proper level of nutrition plants become healthier and the yield increases. Fungi All is not a pesticide, but it can be used along the other products to provide plants the adequate nutrition to recuperate from the affected diseases. Healthier plants are less susceptible to fungus and bacterial attacks. When a pathogen infects a plant, it alters the plant's physiology, particularly with regard to mineral nutrient uptake, assimilation, translocation, and utilization. Pathogens may immobilize nutrients in the soil or in infected tissues. They may also interfere with translocation or utilization of nutrients, inducing nutrient deficiencies or toxicities. Still other pathogens may themselves utilize nutrients, reducing their availability to the plant and thereby increasing the plant's susceptibility to infection. Soil borne pathogens commonly infect plant roots, reducing the plant's ability to take up water and nutrients. The resulting deficiencies may lead to secondary infections by other pathogens. Plant diseases can also infect the plant's vascular system and impair nutrient or water translocation. Such infections can cause root starvation, wilting and plant decline or death; even though the pathogen itself may not be toxic. Therefore it is important to provide adequate nutrition to plants to keep them healthy and Fungi All being a combination of seaweed, soy and herbal extracts provides this nutrition when they are most needed. Fungi All can provide the required nutrition to the plants affected by fungus and bacterial diseases and help it to recover faster and make the plant healthier again. Fungi All can also improve plants immune system along with the resistance to stress due to changes in temperatures. Being organic it is safe and it is formulated for use on all crops to give unequalled results.

Method of Application: Fungi All is fully water-soluble and must be diluted in water at a dilution rate of 100 ml in 200 ltrs of water i.e. 0.5 ml / ltr of water in vegetable crops and 200 ml / 200 litres of water in fruiting crops. Apply as a fine mist until foliage is wet - for best results, apply when the plant is cool - do not apply immediately before or after rainfall or sprinkler irrigation or when the plant is under stress. Application Rate: For foliar application 100 ml to 200 ml / acre. For soil application through drip, apply 200 ml / acre in an interval of 15 to 20 days.


  • 1.    Greenor FungiAll is effective to fight any disease occurring on fruits and vegetables.
  • 2.    It has shown excellent results on the Downy and Karpa (xanthomonas) diseases on the Grape crop.
  • 3.    Use of Greenor FungiAll enhances the natural immunity of the crops and it prevents all type of diseases on the crops.
  • 4.    The PH of the solution is neutral (PH=7) therefore it doesn’t have any side effects over the crops.
  • 5.    Greenor FungiAll can be mixed with any other insecticide or pesticide as it will enhance their activity.
  • 6.    Greenor FungiAll also helps in providing Phosphorous to the crop in small amount hence helping the growth.

Recommended Doses

  • Greenor FungiAll should be mixed 2-3 ml in one litre of water and spray over the crop.

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