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24 Carat Farm Guard

Farmguard Based on high quality seaweed extracts, Farmguard is proving to be an important tool for farmers for increasing yields and profits. Farmguard contains extracts of Aschophyllum nodosum that impart plant food and vigor to plants to perform their physiological functions. Aschophyllum nodosum is also known to increase plant’s disease resistance capacity. Farmguard has many naturally occurring trace elements that increases immune defense against sucking pests. Healthier crops can repel sucking pests and recover faster than normal plants. Farmguard is not an insecticide, it is plant nutrient that helps improve crop yields and increases its disease resistance capacity.


  • 1) Promotes Plant vigor.
  • 2) Increased chlorophyll content.
  • 3) Better Translocation and uptake of Nutrients.
  • 4) Increased Immune defense capacity.
  • 5) Increased yields and profitability.

Direction for use:

  • 5 ml in 15 liters of water (Manually operated sprayer). For Horticulture crops use 100 ml / Acre . For power sprayer use 10 ml. Use minimum 50 ml / Acre. Repeat dose after 10 – 15 Days for sustained increase in yields and healthier crops. Apply during late evenings or early mornings, when the temperature is cool.

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