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These days the texture of the soil has degraded severely. Because of increased levels of salts in the soil, the friendly bacteria can’t survive in the soil. As a result the soil has become very hard. When we plough the soil, the soil does not break into fine particles but breaks in the form of hardened bulks.

Contents of the product

BIO All contains all the useful microbes required for the growth of the crop and texture of the soil. Additionally it includes the bacteria which increase the absorption of Amino acid and micronutrients like iron, copper, Zink, Sulphur and many more. It includes extract of many useful herbs and vitamins which are important for health of the crop as well as soil.


Advantages of BIO ALL

  • 1.    So. Soil becomes soft and porous allowing more aeration nutrition availability. this type of soil helps in the growth of additional white sub roots allowing the crop to grow and give excellent yield.
  • 2.    Very useful for reducing soil alkalinity.
  • 3.    Crops become healthier by virtue of increased immunity and hence the expenditure of fertilizers goes down.
  • 4.    Increased immunity of the crop helps it to sustain in extreme cold, extreme heat or water and ensures regular supply of required elements from soil.
  • 5.    BIO All means Best crop yield in less expenditure with best soil texture.

Research Tip

  • Research has proven that 1 litre of BIO All used for 1 acre land makes it available Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) which is settled in the soil over the years worth Rs. 2809 /-.

Recommended Dose

  • BIO All can be given in the dose of 1-2 litres per Acre by means of drip irrigation or trenching or flood irrigation.

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