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24 Carat Bhoomi

Bhoomi is made from Cyanobacteria and activated carbon for use in agriculture. High amounts of organic carbon and Cyanobacteria are responsible for increasing the White ROOT System and quality of Soil.

Bhoomi is a new class of Bio-organic Fertilizer that is derived from Natural as well as biological sources. It can be used for Soil application as well as foliar application and can be used in all types of crops.


  • 1.    Increases White Root System and uptake of Nutrients.
  • 2.    Improves Soil quality, Porosity and drainage.
  • 3.    Replenishes organic carbon in Soil & helps in increasing yields
  • 4.    Cyanobacteria is a power -house of Nutrients that are made available to plants.
  • 5.   Decontaminates soil from toxic compounds

Direction For Use:

  • Foliar Application: Bhoomi should be used @ of 500 ml per Acre in 200 litres of water.

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