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24 Carat Power Shot

Biological Insecticide for White flies and Green Jassids and Brown Plant Hopper(PS):
It is a unique combination of Plant extract that have proven to have excellent results for control of White flies, Green Jassids and Brown Plant Hopper. It has less environmental fate and is safe to ecology. This product is available in EC Liquid formulations as well as SP powder formulations. The Control Period is about 10 to 15 days and provides complete protection from the pest when used as per instructed dilution ratios.

Mode of Action: Biological Insecticide (PS) has contact, systemic and translaminar action making it a versatile and broad spectrum tool for the control of whiteflies, Green Jassids and Brown Plant Hoppers.

Crop All Micro Micronutrient series is available in four different variants to suit your specific requirement and the market trends.


  • Dilution 200ml /Acre or 200 Ltrs of water. icro

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