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24 Carat Greenor Blue

Greenor Blue is a concentrated, liquid form of Bordeaux mixture. It is an outstanding fungicide and bactericide for control of plant pathogenic fungi and oomycetes of vine fruits, and ornamentals. Its fungicidal activity is associated with the slow formation of copper compounds, which is the ultimate toxicant for plant fungi. Greenor Blue applications control the over wintering fire blight inoculum in pears and apples, leaf curl and shot hole pathogens in peach and nectarine, downy mildew and powdery mildew fungi in grapes, peacock spot pathogen in olives, walnut blight bacteria in walnut and black spot fungus in roses. Why prefer Greenor Blue over Bordeaux mixture? When preparing Bordeaux mixture the composition of chemicals may vary due to traditional nature of mixing and equipment. These variations in quantity often create severe damages to the plants leading to scorching and in some cases even death. Greenor Blue is prepared by taking great care of exact chemical composition and using appropriate machinery to ensure uniform spread of particles in the liquid. The chemical composition of Greenor Blue is constant at CuSO4.3Cu (OH) 2.3CaSO4 to give you the same consistent results every time with every spray.


  • 1.    Constant Results of Bordeaux Mixture
  • 2.    Broad Spectrum of Activity
  • 3.    One Shot Control of Fungus
  • 4.    Can be used for preventive and curative action.
  • 5.    Cost-Effective
  • 6.    Over dose does not lead to scorching

Application rate: 1ltr/ Acre, 2.5 ltrs/ Hectare

Recommended Doses

  • 1.    For small crops Greenor Blue should be used 2 ml diluted in one litre of water.
  • 2.    For larger crops Greenor Blue should be used 3 ml diluted in one litre of water.

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