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24 Carat Spread All

Spray Adjuvants are known to increase the effectiveness of pesticides and Fertilizers. It increases wetting, adhesion, and endurance of pesticide sprays. This is especially beneficial during windy and rainy periods, as well as under other adverse weather conditions. Sunraysia offers a wide range of spray adjuvants that can be used with most insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides to improve performance of the active spray ingredients.


Its use helps to cover all parts of plant very fast, so as to cover optimum area on plant/crops. Its use reduces Agrochemical Consumption drastically as it makes availability of Agrochemical to the largest surface area on the plants / crops. Boosters’ helps the plant for fast uptake of Agrochemicals in a shorter duration.
The Spray Adjuvants are available in four different variants to suit your specific requirement and the market trends.


100 ml / 200 Liters of water.


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