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24 Carat Plant Boss T-20

It is made from organic sources for application in all types of crops. Plant Boss T-20 has very high solubility and is easily absorbed in the plant system. This Patented product is a high-quality source of macro nutrients and organic carbon that can be applied through foliar as well as drip irrigation. Plant Boss T-20 is an important fertilizer required during the plant growth.


  • 1.    Promotes shoot growth.
  • 2.    Strengthens the Stem of plant.
  • 3.    Provides balanced nutrition to crops.
  • 4.    Increases stem strength.
  • 5.    Increases food production capacity.


For Foliar Application: 250 ml in 200 litres of Water / Acre.

Drip irrigation:

500 ml in 200 litres of Water / Acre. Repeat dose after every 7 days for best results.

Stages of Application:

Growth Stage – Shoot Growth – Branching Stage.


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