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24 Carat All Crops

Specially Chelated Micronutrients With Organic Carbons For Top Yields in All Crops. Crop All Micro contains IRON, COPPER, ZINC, BORON, MANGANESE, MAGNESIUM AND OTHER 60 MICRO ELEMENTS that are naturally available from Sargasum Kelp and Aschophyllum Nosodum. It is designed to prevent most micronutrient deficiencies before they occur and to correct pre-existing deficiencies as indicated by plant leaf analysis and soil tests. Trace elements are known to increase plant resistance to heat stress, wet weather and temperature extremes. By maintaining proper levels of micronutrients, the plant’s resistance to stress is increased. Micronutrients are essential to insure better yields, top quality crops of desirable size, as well as providing longer shelf life following harvest. Crop All Micro contains Mannitol that chelates the micronutrients and it can be applied to soil, or directly to foliage.


Crop All Micro is rich in full spectrum of chelated Micronutrients. It can rapidly corrects micronutrient deficiencies, promote development and growth of shoot and roots, strengthen anti-stress and anti-disease capability of plants. Crop All Micro is known to increase fruit set ratio, preventing from flower and fruit drop. Improves the quality and appearance of fruits; prolonged shelf life.

Crop All Micro Micronutrient series is available in four different variants to suit your specific requirement and the market trends.


  • 500 ml to 1 Liter / 200 Liters of water.

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